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Man programming the simple Lumen Photocell Feeder Kit

Moultrie Unveils New Wildlife Feeder Products for 2024

Moultrie announces the release of new feeder products highlighted by the simple and intuitive Lumen Photocell Feeder Kit. Let the light do all the programming for you! With simple switches, there's no complicated system; the kit will feed twice per day at dawn and dusk based on the light level detected from the built-in sensor.

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Sheep eating from the new Ranch Series Axis Trough, fitted to the legs of a Moultrie Ranch Series Auger Feeder

Moultrie Expands Lineup of Ranch Series® Feeder Accessories for 2024

Moultrie is excited to announce the launch of its new line of accessories designed exclusively for Ranch Series® feeders. Featuring innovative attachments such as the Ranch Series 12V Solar Panel, the Ranch Series Dual Chute, and the Ranch Series Axis Trough, users can have unparalleled flexibility and convenience in managing their feeding setups.

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Man in plaid shirt pouring Peanut Butter granular attractant near feeder

What Are Deer Attractants?

Properly using deer attractants can be the difference between luring a deer and going home empty-handed. Learn more about deer attractants here!

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Collage of photos of Moultrie feeders featuring four different kinds of feeder kits: gravity, broadcast, directional, and auger

The 411 on Moultrie's Feeder Kits

Whether you call them feeder kits (as we do), motors, control units, or something else, the mechanism or attachment that dispenses feed is the heart and soul of your Moultrie feeder. We're here to help you explore all of Moultrie's feeder kits and their features so that you can decide which one best fits your needs.

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How to Get Into Hunting

Interested in becoming a hunter? Getting into hunting can be rewarding, especially if you get an education and find a mentor. Here are tips to help you start!

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