How to Get Into Hunting

Contrary to popular belief, not all hunters were born into the lifestyle. Many people come to hunting later in life after getting to be friends with hunters or finding out more about the advantages that can come from hunting.

However, it can be tough to know how to start hunting, especially if no one in your family or close friend group does it. Here are some safe, smart ways to get into hunting so you can see what all the excitement is about. 

Is Hunting Best Done Alone or With Others?

It's absolutely possible to learn to hunt on your own. Nevertheless, learning to hunt around others generally leads to better outcomes.

What are the benefits of hunting with at least one other person who has some experience?

  • Mentoring: Even if you have to hire someone to be your guide, you should think about going out with a mentor for your first few seasons. Having a teacher alongside you will help you learn the tricks of hunting and avoid making mistakes. It's best to build good hunting habits from day one.
  • Safety: Hopefully, you've gone through hunting education and safety classes before ever putting on your gear. Safety isn't just about what you know, but the choices you make in the moment. Sticking with a hunting buddy provides an added layer of protection, especially if something happens to one of you out in the wild.
  • Borrowing: Every hunter has their own preferences for gear and supplies. Plenty of them would be happy to lend you some so you can get a feel for different apparel and tools and see what you like before you invest in your own. Just make sure to return the favor when you're the seasoned hunter and a newbie comes to you.

Start Hunting With Easier Prey

Most first-time hunters want to start by hunting game that's relatively straightforward to track, lure and bag. Some good initial choices include squirrels, rabbits, and maybe a wild turkey or another type of bird. Save the 10-point buck for later down the line when you've become more accustomed to the overall hunting experience.

Get the Gear You Need

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