Moultrie Unveils New Wildlife Feeder Products for 2024

Moultrie is proud to announce the release of six new feeder products in 2024, highlighed by the innovative Universal Bluetooth® Timer and App, a revolutionary addition to the world of deer feeder products, set to redefine efficiency and convenience in wildlife management. The new Universal Bluetooth® Timer, compatible with the new Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App, provides users with unprecedented control over their feeding schedules. With estimated feed supply tracking, battery status updates, and the ability to program feeding schedules from up to 100 feet away, users can now save time and increase efficiency when making their regular maintenance trips. Get the same feed scheduling capabilities as Moultrie's Universal Digital Timer II, plus the new Random Mode feature, which selects feed times at random twice per day to resemble natural feeding patterns for better observation.

Key features of the Universal Bluetooth Timer and App: Control in the palm of your hands. No more bending down to program. Extremely easy to navigate.

  1. Wireless Programming: The Bluetooth Timer allows users to conveniently set feed times, streamlining maintenance trips and ensuring minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment.
  2. Feed Scheduling: Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling up to 10 different feeds per day on specific days of the week. Set feed times for durations ranging from 1 to 60 seconds, with the option to choose from Hi/Med/Low motor speeds, tailoring the feeding regimen to suit specific wildlife management needs.
  3. Random Mode: The new random mode feature adds an element of unpredictability by feeding twice per day at various times – once in the morning before 12:00 PM and once after 12:00 PM, with a minimum of 3 hours between feed times. This naturalizes feeding patterns, enhancing the hunting and wildlife observation experience.
  4. Status Updates: Stay informed about feed levels with the ability to view current estimated feed days remaining, even when out of Bluetooth range. This ensures you can plan your trips for fill-ups efficiently.

Purchase separately or pre-installed on Moultrie’s best-selling Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit with the new Moultrie Bluetooth® Pro Feeder Kit. Download the free Moultrie Bluetooth Timer App on the App Store or Google Play.

Say hello to the new Lumen Photocell Feeder Kit, an even easier method of scheduled feeding. This automatic broadcast feeder kit is programmed to self-schedule two feeds a day, thanks to its built-in light level sensor. The photocell sensor recognizes changes in sunlight, activating the kit to trigger two feed times per day – once at dawn and once at dusk. The sensor also adapts with changes in daylight savings time, to automatically calibrate your feed times throughout the year, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. The timers basic switch controls make setting preferred run times easy, with options of 5, 10, 15, and 20 second spin durations.

For the simplest feeding option, Moultrie's new Feed Bin offers users an easy and affordable wildlife feeder without the hassle of batteries and wires. This 6-gallon gravity style feeder holds up to 40 pounds of feed and is ideal for feeding corn, protein pellets, rice bran, and more. Simply attach the feeder to the tree using the included strap and let feed dispense to the singular front port. To avoid feed spoilage, Feed Bin includes molded slots to securely fasten the lid and drain holes to prevent water from pooling inside the hopper.

Family filling up the Feed Bin with cornFamily filling up the Feed Bin with corn

Keep those annoying varmints away with Moultrie’s new Universal Varmint Deterrent caps. Designed to be paired with 4” sections of PVC pipe (not included) the 3 caps allow the PVC pipe to spin freely around the feeder leg as animals attempt to climb up it, encouraging them to jump off before they can reach the spin plate or hopper. The two different adapters allow for a good fit on most square and round feeder legs making it compatible with all Moultrie tripod feeder legs and most other feeder brands.