Feed Bin

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  • 6-gallon feeder holds up to 40 pounds of feed
  • Economically priced feeding option
  • Straps easily to a tree or post
  • Gravity fed, no batteries necessary
  • Ideal for feeding corn, protein pellets, rice bran, and more
  • Detents in plastic help keep lid secure


Feeding made simple. The Feed Bin is an affordable option for feeding deer and other wildlife without hassle. It easily attaches to trees via the included strap, and no electronics or batteries are necessary! Feed drops to the singular front port via gravity, and you can use a variety of feed types to cover the needs of your animals all year long.

Molded slots help securely fasten the lid, and drain holes keep water from pooling inside the hopper. The Feed Bin will hold up to one standard, 40-pound bag of corn.

How to install:

  1. Wrap included strap through slotted holes on the back of the Feed Bin and around the tree
  2. Tighten strap by pulling loose end through buckle until Feed Bin is snug against the tree
  3. Fill Feed Bin prior to securing the lid

Note: Don't fill the Feed Bin until properly secured to the tree.


  • Hopper material and color: Black plastic
  • Hopper capacity: Up to 40 lbs.
  • Includes lid and mounting strap
  • Warranty: 1 year

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