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Warranty Information

Warranty Coverage:  Our warranties cover manufacturer’s defects as determined upon testing at the sole discretion of Moultrie. If the product is determined to be defective, Moultrie will replace the product. If a same model replacement is not available, we will substitute with the closest equivalent model. This excludes any sale or refurbished items.

Warranty Disclaimer: Our warranties do not cover any failures or defects caused by one or more of the following: incorrect installations, abuse, alterations or modifications not performed by Moultrie, poor handling, misuse, accidents, improper packaging, abnormal use, insects, wildlife damage, incidental physical damage, shock, power failures/surges, lightning or weather-related conditions. Warranty does not apply to any product or part thereof where the original serial number has been altered, modified, defaced or removed. Warranty does not cover damage or loss as a result of transportation of the products.

  • Cameras: All 2016 and newer cameras (except Game Spy) include a 2-year extended warranty if registered within 60 days from date of purchase with valid proof of purchase from an authorized Moultrie Dealer. A standard 1-year warranty applies if not registered within 60 days of purchase for Traditional Trail Cameras.
  • Super Pro Magnum Feeder Kit: Limited lifetime Warranty applies to this product solely.
  • All other Moultrie Feeder and Camera Accessories: Standard 1-year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Discounted and Refurb Products: All discounted and refurbished items purchased from Moultrie are covered for 90-days from date of purchase. If you have not registered your warranty, you will be required to provide receipt of purchase.

Warranty return information

Please review warranty policy here.

Moultrie Mobile Products

The above policies do not apply for Moultrie Mobile branded or labeled products. For all Moultrie Mobile products, see Moultrie Mobile Warranty & Returns Policy.