Fish Feeders

If you're looking to reel in the catch of a lifetime, Moultrie is here to make your fishing experience a whole lot easier. We offer fish feeders for lakes and ponds that attract most types of freshwater fish to your local pond or lake's surface. Grow and attract large, healthy bass, trout, catfish or other game fish with our advanced directional feeder technology.

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Benefits of Directional Fish Feeders

Fish feeders come with a wide range of benefits. Directional fish feeders can be situated at the edge of any pond or lake, where they dispense fish food at programmed intervals throughout the day. Lake and pond fish feeders will enhance your fishing experience by increasing the game fish populations and drawing fish closer to the surface of the water at your favorite fishing spots.

Types of Lake Fish Feeders

Moultrie offers two types of lake fish feeders to help you catch bigger fish in an efficient, environmentally friendly way:

  • 30-Gallon Quick Lock Directional Tripod: This directional fish feeder features a 30-degree coverage area and a digital timer that can be programmed for up to six daily feed times.
  • Wildlife Directional Feeder: This feeder can dispense food up to 45 feet in one direction, has optimum anti-clog features and includes a 30-gallon feed capacity.

Choosing a Moultrie Directional Fish Feeder

If you want to reel in that fish you've always dreamed of, find out what a Moultrie fish feeder can do for you. Take a look at our inventory today.