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What Are Deer Attractants?

What Are Deer AttractantsWhat Are Deer Attractants

The right deer attractant can make a huge difference on your next hunting trip. Attractants lure deer straight to your location, so you can set yourself up in the best position possible while you wait to bag your trophy.

While they're useful tools for hunting, many people aren't familiar with attractants. Simply put, deer attractant is a substance that draws deer toward you with a mix of powerful smells and flavors. When you use deer attractants regularly, you can effectively entice deer straight toward your location.

How Do Deer Attractants Work?

The success of deer attractants lies with the science behind a deer's nose. Sense of smell is the most powerful sense that a deer has. Deer trust their sense of smell above all else.

Deer are smart creatures and slight movements, sounds or even shadows can easily scare them away. An attractant helps lure the deer toward you by either controlling or covering up your human scent with the smell of food or another deer. The idea behind an attractant is to simply fool a deer's nose into thinking that you are something else.

The direction of the wind is a critical part of hunting, especially a deer attractant's effectiveness. If you're using deer attractant and miscalculate how the wind is moving, the wind may carry your attractant away from your target.

Even if you aren't using an artificial scent, the wind can blow your natural human scent towards deer, scaring them away from you before they ever reach your perch. One gust of wind from the wrong direction can alert a deer to your presence, which is why it's important to pay attention to the wind at all times when hunting and use attractants.

How Do You Use Deer Attractants?

A common mistake among hunters is using attractants to lure deer to places where they don't frequent. Deer usually don't wander into areas that they aren't familiar with. If you use deer attractant, you'll want to make sure that you place the attractant — or yourself, if you're wearing an attractant — in an area where deer naturally wander. Scouting the proper location can make all of the difference for a successful hunt.

After removing your human scent with a scent remover, you can apply deer attractant. Spray your clothes and gear with the attractant to ensure you're adequately covered. You can also pour liquid or powder attractant around your treestand.

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