Bluetooth® Pro Feeder Kit

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  • New Moultrie Universal Bluetooth® Timer preinstalled on popular Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit
  • Program feeder timer from your phone using Bluetooth® wireless technology - no service plan required
  • Connect and adjust settings from up to 100 ft. away from the timer
  • Control timer via the Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App
  • Schedule up to 10 daily feeds, 1-60 seconds in duration
  • Adjust speed settings (Hi/Med/Low) and toggle days of the week for each feed time
  • Features new random mode for one feed in the morning and one in the evening
  • View estimated feed days remaining on your phone, even when out of range
  • Includes metal spin plate and adjustable internal funnel for optimized feed flow
  • Runs on one 6V 5Ah battery (sold separately)
  • External power port for solar accessories like the 6V Feeder/Micro Camera Power Panel® (sold separately)
Quick-Lock systemQuick-Lock system


Easy twist and lock system secures feeder kit to Quick-Lock hopper. Use with Quick-Lock Adapter for other barrels and buckets.

    Download the Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App:

App StoreGoogle Play


The Bluetooth® Pro Feeder Kit = our new Universal Bluetooth® Timer + best-selling Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit!

Program feed times right from your phone! With the new Universal Bluetooth® Timer and the free Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App, you won't even have to remove the feeder kit housing when in range. Feeder maintenance and fill-up trips just got more efficient.

Key functions of this new kit, timer, and app:

  • Program feeds: Schedule up to 10 different feeds per day on specific days of the week. Feed times can be set for 1-60 seconds in duration, and you can choose from Hi/Med/Low motor speeds. Toggle times on and off as needed when in range.
  • New random mode: Keep wildlife guessing! Random mode will feed twice per day at various times — once in the morning before 12:00 PM and one after 12:00 PM, with a minimum of 3 hours between feed times.
  • Testing: Perform test runs of up to 60 seconds while setting up or checking your feeder.
  • Status check: View estimated feed days remaining, even when you're out of range. You'll know at a glance when you need to grab more corn before making trips for fill-ups!
  • Quick-Lock technology: Easily secure the kit to Moultrie's Quick-Lock hoppers - no tools required! Just twist on and off. Or use the included Quick-Lock Adapter to attach it to another barrel or bucket.

Note: You must be in range to change feed settings; however, you can always view last measured battery status and current estimated remaining feed.


  • Durable ABS plastic kit housing
  • Wind-resistant metal spin plate
  • 360° casting
  • Adjustable internal funnel
  • Feeder timer with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Adjust feeder settings via Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App from up to 100 ft. from timer
  • Schedule up to 10 daily feeds (1-60 seconds each)
  • Toggle specific days of the week for each feed time
  • Hi/Med/Low speed settings
  • Includes random mode and test function
  • Requires one 6V 5Ah battery (sold separately)
  • Quick-Lock Adapter included

Download the free Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App:

App StoreGoogle Play


Diagram with phone screenshot of Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App - showing app features and tips for best useDiagram with phone screenshot of Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App - showing app features and tips for best use

1. Download the Moultrie Bluetooth® Timer App: App Store | Google Play

2. After removing the old timer, install the Universal Bluetooth® Timer into your Moultrie feeder kit using the pre-installed Phillips head screws. If applicable, reuse the existing Phillips head screws to secure external power connected to the feeder kit; additional screws not included. (Secure the external power connector out of the way if unused.)

3. Connect the motor to the timer as seen below.

4. Connect the 6V 5ah or 12V 7ah DC battery with the red timer wire to the positive battery terminal and the black timer wire to the negative battery terminal. DO NOT REVERSE POLARITY OF THE BATTERY LEADS.

Do not let the battery leads come in contact with one another while connected to a battery. This can cause personal injury or property damage. In no event shall PRADCO be liable for any direct, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of this product. Your use of this product is at your own risk.

5. Open the app, connect, and select your newly added timer from the list on the "My Feeders" screen.

Tips and tricks:

  • To remove a paired timer, swipe left on the timer you wish to delete in the "My Feeders" list and press the red button to remove.
  • Press the enable/disable toggle to turn off scheduled feed times without deleting them.
  • Hold the test button located on the front of the timer to start a 5-second test spin.


  • Feed should be around .25 inches in diameter or smaller on its longest side. Whole, clean kernel corn is recommended. Corn mixed well with soybeans or protein pellets can be effective; however, mixing could cause clogging depending on the ratio of corn to the additive or type/brand of the additive.
  • Do not use protein pellets alone, as they will absorb moisture and swell, causing the feeder to clog. For protein pellet feeding, we recommend using one of our polymer gravity feeders, the Ranch Series Gravity Feeder, or the Ranch Series Auger Feeder/Kit.
  • Do not use mineral powders or feed containing mineral powders, as they can cause corrosion of metal parts.
  • For feeding with blends containing protein pellets and mineral powders, we recommend using one of our polymer gravity feeders.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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