What to Look for in a Trail Camera

What to Look for in a Trail CameraWhat to Look for in a Trail Camera

Every hunter or outdoor enthusiast knows the value of a trail camera. If you have private land access, these devices let you keep an eye on game in the area at all times. Knowing what makes a good trail camera will change the way you hunt, so read on to learn what you should look for in a camera and which models will raise your hunting game to the next level.

What Features Should I Look for in a Trail Camera?

With so many different types of trail cameras on the market, you have almost endless options for your property. The main features you should look for include:

  • Durability: Trail cameras must deliver reliable shots regardless of the weather conditions. The best options will have long-lasting battery life and durable construction to last throughout your hunting season.
  • Picture quality and specs: Determine the types of images you're looking for. Do you want photos or short videos? Are high-resolution images a must, and if you prefer long-range or invisible flash at night? Make sure you choose a trail camera that offers the photography specs you want.
  • Trigger speed: Trigger speed measures how quickly your camera takes a photo after it detects motion. If your camera is in a less inhabited area without much activity, a slower trigger speed will probably be sufficient. If you place your camera in a high-traffic area, a faster trigger speed will help you capture every motion right away.

Other features to consider include the camera's detection range, price and power source.

How Long Do Trail Cameras Last?

How long a trail camera will last depends on several factors. These devices use Passive Infrared Sensor to detect heat changes and motion (commonly referred to as “motion sensor”) and only take a photo when activity occurs in their detection range, allowing them to conserve power the rest of the time.

The model, type of batteries you use, weather and more affect the camera's lifespan. Some cameras use batteries while others rely on solar power. The average lifespan before having to replace the batteries ranges from 13,000 to 19,000 photos.

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