Do Trail Cameras Record Sound?


Trail cameras are an integral part of the hunting process, especially leading up to and during season. Using the right trail camera provides you with visual images of the game in your area, which can help you understand the feeding patterns and movements of the wildlife near your favorite hunting spots.

Because trail cameras have been around for decades, the technological abilities of game cameras have increased, leading to newer models with even more capabilities. Some trail cameras have a wide detection zone and high resolution, so you can capture high-quality photographs and videos of the wildlife near you.

Additionally, using a game camera with sound provides even more benefits than visual capabilities alone.

Benefits of Recording Sound With Your Trail Camera 

Using a trail camera with audio features opens a world of new possibilities. Because of the advanced technological capabilities that come with game cameras, you can use them for wildlife hunting and purposes outside of hunting. Some of the benefits of using a game camera with sound include:


  • Learning various animal calls: If you want to improve your hunting this season, learning the mating calls or other wildlife sounds in your area is an effective way to attract animals. With trail cameras with audio capabilities, you can learn to replicate the different noises they make. 
  • Improving home security: Game cameras with sound features also allow for increased home security if placed around your property. This way, your trail camera becomes multipurpose. 
  • Property surveillance: Using trail cameras with video and sound features also allows you to survey the property it is placed on, whether it is your home property or machinery surveillance. 
  • Filming wildlife: If you aren't using your trail camera with sound features to improve your hunting, you can also use it to create wildlife videos as well as capture wildlife photographs. 

Because trail cameras that record sound are multi-functional, they can help improve your hunting this season as well as increase your home's security. Or — if you want to observe the game in your area — you can also use your camera to capture wildlife videos without your presence disturbing the animals. 

Browse Moultrie's Selection of Trail Cameras With Audio Features

If you're looking for a high-quality trail camera with audio capabilities, check out the Delta series. Moultrie has been providing hunters with game cameras for years, so you can be sure our products have the latest technology and useful features. 

Our game cameras include HD video capabilities, so you can gain a better understanding of the characteristics of the animals in your area. You can mimic their sounds to attract them or learn their feeding habits to better hunt them. Our game cameras also feature technology that is compatible with your cell phone — you can easily view footage from your trail camera on your phone or laptop without disrupting wildlife. 

To learn more about our products and find the trail camera that's right for your needs, browse our cameras with video and sound features.