How Does an Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

Whether you enjoy fishing as a pastime or own a fresh body of water, utilizing the right gear can make your experience significantly better. The goal of maintaining a pond or lake is to create a sustainable habitat by providing food and other resources. 

If you're an avid fisher, using quality lures, bait and other fishing equipment can help attract the right fish at the right location. Keeping the fish in the pond or lake fed is essential to their longevity, so having an item like an automatic feeder is a game-changer.

Adding an automatic pond fish feeder to your inventory of fishing supplies can help you catch bigger and healthier fish. Learn more about how a timed fish feeder works and the benefits of setting an automatic feeder up at a pond or lake.

What Is an Automatic Fish Feeder and How Do They Work?

An automatic fish feeder provides additional food supply to fish in an established body of water, dispensing fish food at set times throughout the day. These periodic feedings allow fish to receive the nutrients they need to grow and flourish in their environment. 

Fishing enthusiasts use automatic feeders to target specific fish in pond management efforts. Fish feeders also look different depending on the brand or style you purchase. Some feeders are better for docks, while others sit on the shoreline. Feeders can target different types of fish depending on location and the food you load into the feeder. The type of feeder best suited for you largely depends on the size of your pond. 

The food will spread out across the pond from its setup location. You can set up your dock feeder or shoreline feeder to dispense a certain amount of food at each interval to ensure you're providing enough food for the fish. Dispensing time and frequency may vary depending on your location and the type of fish you're targeting, though dawn and dusk are common choices.

Timed feeders come in battery-operated and solar-powered options. Some battery-powered feeders can also work with a solar-powered accessory. Either way, you will need to keep an eye on the battery life as part of its routine maintenance. 

How Do You Program an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Programming your feeder to the schedule you want is simple. After assembling and mounting your fish feeder, you'll want to follow these steps to assemble the feeder and set up the feeding schedule:

  1. Install the necessary battery or power source for the automatic feeder.
  2. Review the factory setup for the timer. The screen should present the feeding intervals, time and battery life of the feeder.
  3. Set the time of day on your feeder by navigating the buttons on the feeder. Setting the correct time will ensure the feedings are on schedule.
  4. Choose the feed times for your feeder. You'll need to select the number of times you want to schedule and the duration of the feed dispense. 
  5. Test the feeder to ensure the feed dispensing duration is correct for the amount of food you want to provide. Once you confirm that the schedule is adequate, you're ready to set up your feeder at the pond or lake. 

Are Automatic Fish Feeders Good?

Using an automatic feeder delivers numerous benefits and helps create a thriving ecosystem in the water. If you're considering an automatic feeder for your fishing adventures this year, check out these eight benefits of timed dock feeders:

  1. Timed fish feeders are dependable: Your new automatic feeder will provide food to the fish and other species on time. With a regular feeding schedule, you'll be able to focus on your other fishing equipment and allow the feeder to dispense food. You can use a feeder that has the right features to set up in a location you prefer and holds the right amount of food.
  2. Feeders aid the food chain: If you're looking for a regular spot to fish, adding a feeder to a lake or a pond can help provide food to fish where the natural food supply is low. The smaller fish rely on a natural food supply, so if the smaller fish die, the larger fish will also lose their food supply. 
  3. Create popular fishing spots with feeders: One of the best benefits of using a feeder is the boost in the fish population. More food means a healthier fish population — this can help with fish reproduction and help ponds and lakes have an abundance of fish. Having more fish can help you get more bites on your hook!
  4. Fish food is effective for fish growth: If you're looking for the most effective and cost-efficient way to increase the amount of fish in an area, fish food from a feeder is the best option. Fish food is affordable and helps fish grow quickly. Catch more fish every time you use a feeder. 
  5. Species benefit specifically from fish food: Some fish species rely on fish pellets to grow and survive. When you feed bigger fish for game, you also allow other species in the habitat to thrive.
  6. Consistency for fish: Scheduled feedings can provide fish with the consistent food supply required to grow and reproduce. Fish may begin to associate certain times of the day or the location of the automatic feeder with food. This helps them know food is coming and keeps them content.
  7. Feeders are easy to maintain: You'll help grow the fish population without having to do a majority of the work. Feeders are made of quality materials that can withstand the sun, weather and other elements. You'll need to check on the battery life regularly, but the feeder can stay in working condition for a long time. 
  8. Place the feeder in any location: SInce the feeder is easy to lift and maneuver around a pond, you can set up the system in nearly any place. This will help you find the perfect spot for feeding fish and allow you to change the location whenever you please. 

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