Micro Series Trail Cameras

Micro Series Trail CameraMicro Series Trail Camera

The new, 2022 micro series cameras from Moultrie help you minimize your footprint and keep an eye on the field without sacrificing any quality. Micro cameras work like traditional trail cams. You can use them anywhere in the woods, including dead zones or with a modem for maximum flexibility. Micro cameras are an excellent solution, whether you want to capture footage of wildlife, need security or are doing some recon for hunting season. 

Moultrie Micro-42 Trail Camera Kit

With ultra-high-resolution 42MP images and 1280x720 HD video, this micro trail camera proves great things do come in small packages. Enjoy numerous capture modes and a fast trigger speed to ensure you catch even the most stealthy wildlife. The camera is protected and camouflaged with Moultrie White Bark™. It comes with a heavy-duty strap and AA batteries.

You can extend the battery life of your Micro-42 trail camera with the optional accompanying 6V Feeder/Micro Camera Power Panel®, available in May.

Moultrie Micro-42i Trail Camera Kit

Invisible flash technology lets you capture clear and crisp images without spooking animals or alerting trespassers. HD (1280x720) video and 42 MP resolution shows all the details with multiple capture modes for flexibility. A fast trigger speed lets you capture more wildlife in crisper detail.

The Micro-42i camera kit includes the trail camera, a heavy-duty strap you can use to wrap the camera around a tree or other object, AA batteries and Mossy Oak® Bottomland® cover to protect and conceal your camera. You can also purchase an SD card or 6V Feeder/Micro Camera Power Panel®, available in May.

Moultrie Micro-32i Trail Camera Kit

Capture more images and video with this kit, which includes two trail cameras, both of which capture HD videos and 32 MP photos with different modes. Invisible flash technology lets you capture more images in different lighting conditions without scaring off your target.

The Moultrie Micro-32i trail camera kit is ideal for wildlife and security. With two cameras, you can get coverage from multiple angles. Each kit comes with two green cameras, a heavy-duty installation strap and AA batteries. You can customize your kit with optional SD cards and or 6V Feeder/Micro Camera Power Panel®, availalble in May.

Buy Your Micro Trail Camera

Our new micro cameras include a 2-year extended warranty if you buy from an authorized Moultrie Dealer and correctly register within 60 days from purchase. Otherwise, a standard 1-year warranty applies. Browse our complete product selection today and start capturing high-quality images and videos for all your needs.

Buy Your Micro Series Trail CameraBuy Your Micro Series Trail Camera