Ranch Series® Digital Timer

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  • Replacement timer for the Ranch Series® Broadcast and Auger Feeders, Feeder Kits
  • Compatible with 12V Rechargeable Battery (sold separately)
  • Longer, labeled wires make replacing the timer even easier
  • Easy Set timer allows for programming up to 10 feeds per day, 1-60 seconds each
  • Sealed housing protects timer from elements
  • Execute test runs of up to 60 seconds
  • Comes with separate wires preinstalled for simple connection to the Feeder Activator Remote Control (sold separately), letting you operate the feeder from up to 300 feet away


The Ranch Series® Digital Timer is a direct replacement for the timer in your Ranch Series Broadcast and Auger Feeders and Feeder Kits. Designed with longer wires for more slack, this timer works with 12V rechargeable batteries with F1 terminals (sold separately) and has the same Easy Set functionality. It also comes ready to connect to the Feeder Activator Remote Control (sold separately), which allows you to activate the feeder from up to 300 feet away.

Schedule up to 10 feed times per day on specific days of the week. Feed times can be set for 1-60 seconds in duration, and you can choose from Hi/Med/Low spin cast settings. The timer's display includes a battery level indicator and feed level estimator so that you know when you need to charge/replace the battery or add more feed to the hopper.

Learn how to program the timer by watching our tutorial.


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