55-Gallon NXT Tripod Feeder

Moultrie 55-Gallon NXT Tripod Feeder

The Moultrie 55-Gallon NXT Tripod can hold up to 400 pounds of feed and features an adjustable funnel for smooth feeding operations, plus a cake-free spinner plate and BackSpin™ technology that senses a clog and automatically counter-rotates the spinner to break up the jam. The Easy Set™ digital timer is on an extendable cord and provides programming for up to 6 feed times per day with run times from 1 to 20 seconds. An electric varmint guard helps keep raccoon and squirrels off of the spinner.

■ 400 pounds of feed capacity
■ Steel drum and support system
■ Features an electrical varmint guard to keep pests off your spinner
■ Features BackSpin™ technology that sense a jam and spins backwards to breakup clog
■ Set up to 6 feed times per day from 1 to 20 seconds in duration
■ Features easy Quicklock adapter for tooless attachment

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SKU: MFG-13381