Where to Place Your Fish Feeder

Do you want to know how to make fish grow bigger in a pond or lake? If you're looking have great fishing later in the season, keeping the fish healthy and growing will give you some excellent fishing options. With the right feeding methods, you can increase your stock sizes and support a variety of fish in your pond or lake, turning it into a prime fishing spot.

Check out these fish feeding methods to help your stock thrive so you can get a bigger catch.

What Kind of Feeder Is Best for Your Pond or Lake?

You have a few different options for getting the best feeder for your pond. Think about what type of fish live in the lake and evaluate how much water acreage you want to cover. You have wide-ranging options for feeder sizes and capacities, so decide how much food you'll need to deliver. It's also helpful to consider the logistics of where you'll place the feeder and what size will fit best in the area.

Where Should You Place the Feeder?

Before you decide where to place your feeder, find the best area for fish to congregate. If you're adding a feeder in a lake, identify the most accessible places to deliver food. Popular spots for a fish feeder are on the end of a dock or on the pond bank. 

As you set up, try to put in one feeder for every acre or two of your pond and space them out so fish can get food in their localized areas.

Types of Feeders

You can consider two types of feeders to make sure your lake's or pond's fish get enough to eat:

  • Directional: This automatic feeder can send food in the desired direction at programmed times to keep the fish eating sufficiently. These feeders throw the feed out in one direction instead of broadcasting 360 degrees, which would waste a lot of food on land and attract unwanted critters like raccoons. 

What You Want to Achieve With Your Fish Feeder

Using a feeder is a great option to supplement the diets of your pond or lake fish. Feeders can also ensure baitfish grow and repopulate fast enough to adequately feed the larger fish. Having an automatic fish feeder for your pond or lake gives both the bluegill and baitfish supplemental food to keep them thriving.

When you use an automatic feeder, give the fish what they'll eat up in about 10 minutes. Be careful to balance the food quantity you're supplying. You want to ensure they get enough to eat, but not too much — residue from uneaten food can collect in the water and cause health risks for the fish.

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