Gamekeepers | Warm Season Planting Tip to Increase Fawn Survival and Grow Bigger Bucks

Temperatures are rising and antler development is in full swing, which means the summer months are upon us. With the testosterone levels of bucks being at an annual low, bachelor groups will begin to form (QDMA). Does are carrying fawns, which creates the need for high quality nutrition. According to Mossy Oak Gamekeepers, there is 1 Simple Tip for Growing Bigger Bucks and Increasing Fawn Survival.

Here are some reasons why now is the time to get some warm season annuals planted for your deer heard.

- Deer are in search of high protein food sources so providing the right forage can pay great dividends throughout bow season.

- Bucks growing antlers are also packing on weight as they mature.

- Healthier does will result in healthier fawns, and ultimately can mean bigger, healthier bucks down the road.

- Bucks are establishing a bed to feed pattern, which will make them vulnerable to being patterned by your Moultrie Game Cameras!


BioMass All Legume is a great option to keep that shooter buck in your playground this summer. The combination of soybeans, iron clay peas, and lablab make Biomass a top choice among game managers of whitetail deer. See the full article here.

Summer Game Camera Tip: in the summer months, it is important to allow your deer to establish a feeding pattern with minimal human interference. This means utilizing a game camera that may go unchecked for months at a time. Using a Panoramic 150 and external power source, such as the Camera Battery Box or Camera Power Panel, allows you to leave your game camera out on a warm season plot for long periods of time. The information gathered from your camera will be vital for pattering that big buck closer to hunting season.