Pecan Pie Deer Attractant - 20 lb. Bag

Moultrie Pecan Pie Deer Attractant 20 lb. Bag

Made from real pecans, this irresistibly nutty powder draws deer in from long distances, and the 20-pound bag makes for less trips to the woods. Pour it on food sources, the ground, or mix it with feed.

■ 20 lb. bag
■ Year-round deer attractant made with real pecans
■ Irresistible smell and taste—deer keep coming back long after it’s gone, pawing for more!
■ Ideal for conducting camera surveys
■ Great for use as a grain topper, in troughs or in gravity feeders
■ Suitable for use with spin-cast feeders when mixed with corn or other grains.

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SKU: MFS-13163