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Pecan Pie Deer Attractant - 20 lb. Bag

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  • 20 lb. bag 
  • Year-round deer attractant made with real pecans 
  • Irresistible smell and taste—deer keep coming back long after it’s gone, pawing for more! 
  • Ideal for conducting camera surveys 
  • Great for use as a grain topper, in troughs or in gravity feeders 
  • Suitable for use with spin-cast feeders when mixed with corn or other grains


Made from real pecans, this irresistibly nutty powder draws deer in from long distances, and the 20-pound bag makes for less trips to the woods. Pour it on food sources, the ground, or mix it with feed.

Make monster bucks come running with the heavenly smell and taste of Moultrie’s Pecan Pie Deer Attractant. Simply choose a deer traffic area and pour this deliciously nutty powder on the ground in strips or small piles. The 20-pound bag makes frequent trips to the woods a thing in the past. Attract and hold deer at hunting areas, feeder sites, mineral licks and more. Filled with the fragrant flavor of fresh pecans, Moultrie’s Pecan Pie keeps deer on your property and in front of your cameras for year-round effectiveness. It also works in gravity feeders and will work with spin-cast feeders when mixed with corn or grains.


  • 20 lb. bag
  • Made with real pecans
  • Mix with corn or grain and use with spin-cast feeders
  • Works in gravity feeders

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