Deer Magnet® Drip Bag Attractant

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  • Unique mix of minerals and flavoring
  • Available in 2 flavors: Berry and Green Apple
  • Great to use in the summer months
  • Helps with antler growth and digestion health for bucks
  • Aids does nursing fawns


Drive deer crazy with our juicy Deer Magnet® Drip Bag Attractant! Hang it over a new or existing mineral site; deer will dig, paw and lick the soil underneath. Available in two irresistible flavors: Berry and Green Apple.


  • Open plastic bag and empty the flavored mineral into the cloth bag provided.
  • Hang from a tree branch over a new or existing mineral site.
  • Pre-moisten the bag for instant results, or let the rain activate it.

The site will refresh itself each time it rains or manually by pouring water over the bag to get it dripping again. Depending on the amount of precipitation in your location, the drip bags should last anywhere from 3 to 6 months on average.

*Not intended for human consumption. **Follow all state and local laws regarding feeding in your area.


  • 2.5 lbs.
  • Natural trace mineral salt
  • Choose from 2 flavors: Berry, Green Apple
  • Comes with cloth drawstring bag

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