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Deer Magnet Granular - Persimmon

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  • Potent sweet smell of persimmons
  • Includes PowerDraw® — a proprietary extended-range formula that deer prefer over natural forage
  • 5 pound bag
  • Helps bucks recover from the rut
  • Attracts and holds deer on your property


Deer go crazy over ripened persimmons and will travel insane distances to get them. Moultrie’s Persimmon Granular Attractant combines the powerful smell and natural draw of fresh persimmons with the irresistible flavor of PowerDraw®. PowerDraw® is a proprietary extended-range formula that combines powerful aromatics with an irresistible flavor deer prefer over natural forage. This combination will not only attract deer from long distances with its sweet smell, but it will hold them on your property as they continue to come back for the habit-forming taste. The high-fat grains in Persimmon Granular help bucks and does recover quicker from the stress of the rut and harsh-winter conditions. Moultrie’s Persimmon Granular Attractant can be added to feed on the ground, in a trough or gravity-style feeder, or simply poured on the ground by itself near your hunting location.


  • 5 lb. Bag
  • Includes PowerDraw®
  • Helps bucks recover quicker from the rut
  • Attracts deer from long distances

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