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Buck Captured on Game Camera

Outdoor Life: How to Pattern Bucks During the Rut

“They say it can’t be done. I do not agree. When the rut arrives, chaos ensues, deer run wild, and any attempt at patterning a buck is futile. At least that’s what we’ve been told over the years,” says Outdoor Life author, Mark Kenyon. “But recent research has shown that this commonly held belief seems to be nothing more than a myth.” According to the Quality Deer Management Association, “During the fall, these bucks (that were collared) spent less time just randomly walking around, and instead every 20-28 hours would revisit 2 to 5 focal points within their home range.” That means bucks don’t wander aimlessly during the rut...

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Whitetail Deer Mounted on Wall

Post Taxidermy Tips

After leaving the taxidermist, your prize-winning buck requires special care so that you can display it for years to come. We’ve got a few tips to keep your trophy looking good. Tip #1: Be careful when transporting your whitetail; it’s easy to drop and damage if handled improperly. Place your hands on the plaque or the back of the mount for safe handling. Tip #2: Find a secure location to hang the mount that’s away from direct sunlight—often the cause of discoloration and dry out in deer hide. Want more great tips for preserving your trophy buck? Read the full story at

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Two Whitetail Deer Grazing in a Field

7 Secrets For Yearlong Success

Want to increase your chances of tagging award-winning bucks? It’s possible, with deer management tactics that keep them returning to your property year-round. Tactic #1: Prevent deer from seeking refuge in your neighbor’s yard by providing them easy access to food, water, and wooded sanctuaries. Tactic #2: Hang multiple stands to give yourself more shot opportunities and to keep deer from tracking your location. For more deer hunting secrets, read the full story at  

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