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Outdoor Life: How to Pattern Bucks During the Rut

“They say it can’t be done. I do not agree. When the rut arrives, chaos ensues, deer run wild, and any attempt at patterning a buck is futile. At least that’s what we’ve been told over the years,” says Outdoor Life author, Mark Kenyon. “But recent research has shown that this commonly held belief seems to be nothing more than a myth.” According to the Quality Deer Management Association, “During the fall, these bucks (that were collared) spent less time just randomly walking around, and instead every 20-28 hours would revisit 2 to 5 focal points within their home range.” That means bucks don’t wander aimlessly during the rut. Instead they cycle through a few focal points, most likely doe hotspots, searching for a female that’s ready to breed. This means hunters can put together a plan for a specific buck during the rut. FULL STORY