Moultrie Mobile Improves Upon Image Recognition

Image recognition is another reason why the Moultrie Mobile app is best in the industry. The image-recognition software automatically scans every trail-camera photo that uploads into the Moultrie Mobile account and applies a Smart Tag to each photo. This Smart Tag then allows the user to quickly and easily filter through images by searching for a specific tag, such as turkey pictures only. To this point, the system has scanned for Deer and Turkey. Image recognition has now been expanded to auto-scan for Buck, Doe, Vehicle and Person as well. You can also set notifications based off of the Smart Tags so that you are sent a phone message or email, for example when a buck photo is uploaded.

Perfect For Hunters

Moultrie Mobile’s image recognition system is perfect for hunters. The system can currently identify Deer, Buck, Doe and Turkey. So, in turkey season you can filter for only turkey images, or in deer season set it for buck photos only.

Ideal For Security

Moultrie Mobile is so much more than just a game camera. Moultrie Mobile’s image recognition also scans for a Vehicle and Person, making it an ideal security system, too. If a Moultrie Mobile cellular trail camera is positioned to overlook a gate, cabin or other remote building, the user can set their notifications to send a message the instant a photo is uploaded with a Vehicle or Person Smart Tag.

Try It Free

Check out image recognition for yourself. Download the free Moultrie Mobile app or visit the Moultrie Mobile site and click on the “Demo” button. Then you can click on filters and check out the Smart Tag filters to see how it sorts images for you. Also be sure to check out our new cellular game cameras and choose the one that best fits your needs.