No other cellular system puts more game-monitoring power in your hands than Moultrie Mobile.  Compare our cellular trail cameras to others and see how across the board, there's no competition.  See the chart and FAQs below.

Equipment Cost
Over-the-Air Updates
20 MP
20 MP
10 MP
20 MP
20 MP
Trigger Speed
0.3 sec
0.2 sec
0.5 sec
0.25 sec
0.65 sec
Flash Range
Flash Type
Invisible IR
Invisible IR
Standard IR
Mix Invisible /
Standard IR
Invisible IR
Managed Memory
Image Recognition
✔ (Extra Fee)
✔ (Extensive)
Camera/Photo Location
✔ (Fall 2019)
Saved Custom Searches
Alert Options
Email, Text, Push
In-App Messaging Center
Email, Text, Push
Email & Push Only
Email Only
Email, Text & Push
Verizon & AT&T
Verizon & AT&T
Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile
Verizon & AT&T
Manage Camera Settings
Connection Frequency
Immediate, 8x, 4x
2x, or 1x per day
Quick, Daily, Never(?)
Immediate, 12x, 6x
2x, or 1x per day
Not Adjustable
Immediate, 30min, 6x
21/2/3/4/6/12/24 hr
High Resolution Images
✔ (No charge)
✔ ($0.79/image)
✔ ($0.03/image)
Photo Storage & Access
Last 30 days only
Unless paying for
Spypoint experience"
No online storage
Data Plans
Monthly starting
at $4.99
Monthly starting
at $9.99
Monthly starting
at $5
Monthly starting
at $20
Monthly starting
at $6.99

Moultrie Mobile game cameras offer 20-megapixel resolution, 0.3-second trigger speed, invisible infrared flash, and managed memory so you’ll never run out of SD card space. The Spypoint Micro comes with 10-megapixel resolution and offers standard infrared only.

With Moultrie Mobile game cameras, you can manage and change camera settings from the convenience of your smartphone or desktop computer anywhere, anytime. With Cuddeback game cameras, you cannot.

Moultrie Mobile has direct relationships with both AT&T and Verizon—the nation’s two largest cellular carriers, offering thorough coverage and unmatched service. And with monthly plans starting at $4.99, Moultrie Mobile offers some of the lowest rates on wireless trail cameras available today. Data is purchased directly through the app, so you'll never deal with a phone carrier. Plus, you can deactivate your plan in off-season months and reactivate at any time for significant savings when not in use. Unlike Spypoint - who charges extra annual fees to unlock storage and features - Moultrie Mobile's rates are clear and simple, with no hidden fees attached. Cuddeback trail cameras are limited to Verizon plans and coverage areas only.

Moultrie Mobile trail cameras send images by all of the above in real time to your phone, computer and tablet. Spypoint and Cuddeback are limited to email only.

Moultrie Mobile trail cameras come with internal antennas to avoid the possibility of damage in the field. Moultrie’s dual-band, internal antenna design is proven to get better reception. Spypoint, Cuddeback and Covert game cameras come with external antennas only.

New Moultrie Mobile XA70001 and XV7000i trail cameras offer the convenience of internal modems. And most Moultrie game cameras without internal modems can be upgraded to wireless transmission using Moultrie MV1and MV2 external modems.

In recent testing, Moultrie wireless game cameras ranked number one in flash range. Spypoint and Cuddeback ranked 15th and 13th respectively.

Several wireless trail camera companies offer image recognition technology, but none can match the performance of Moultrie Mobile. The Moultrie system automatically detects and sorts images by type such as; deer, buck, doe, turkey, person, or vehicle. But that's just the beginning. The system’s accuracy is continuously being improved with many new capabilities to come. Plus, Image Recognition comes standard with all Moultrie data plans, unlike other companies that charge extra fees. Some companies, such as Cuddeback and Covert don't offer Image Recognition of any kind.

Moultrie Mobile features extensive image filters such as moon phase, weather conditions, time, and temperature. These filters give game managers a powerful advantage in organizing trail camera pictures to maximize their chances for success. Spypoint, offers limited image filtering, while Cuddeback and Covert offer none.

Moultrie Mobile makes naming and organizing your trail cam pics easier than ever. Adding custom tags to any image is the ideal way to track a buck's growth and maturity over time. Most wireless game camera systems—such as Spytpoint, Cuddeback, and Covert—do not offer custom tagging capabilities.

Moultrie Mobile allows you to mark the locations of your cameras in settings. Cuddeback trail cameras do not.

Even when you take a break from scouting, Moultrie Mobile will not. Your game camera images are continuously stored and accessible year-round, regardless of whether your account is active or has been deactivated. All images are preserved so you can continue to track herd health season to season. Other brands like Spypoint offer photo storage only on extremely expensive plans, and Cuddeback offers no online photo storage capability at all.

Moultrie Mobile allows you to save your search criteria for future use, so you don’t have to enter parameters over and over. This is not possible with Bushnell, Spypoint, Cuddeback and Covert wireless trail cameras.

Moultrie Mobile game cameras are very competitive, starting at $129, while Spypoint is $149, Cuddeback is $200, Bushnell is $299 and Covert costs $439. However, none of these comes close to what Moultrie Mobile delivers in features, ease of use and performance.