Moultrie Mobile® 10W Universal Solar Power Pack

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  • This powerful and durable panel delivers up to 3x more energy than other models and includes multiple connectors to fit most devices.
  • Its rechargeable battery capacity of 15,000mAh ensures your devices stay powered up even on cloudy days.
  • Easy installation using the included flex mount and tree strap.


Get rid of the inconvenience of changing batteries with the Moultrie Mobile® 10W Universal Solar Power Pack. This solar panel is highly efficient and can produce up to 3x more power than standard alternatives. It also has a built-in, high-capacity power bank, and can function in partial shade. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary components for major camera and feeder brands.

By installing this dependable solar solution, you can capture every moment without any interruptions.


  • Toggle between 6V and 12V output
  • Automotive-grade sheathed cables
  • IP65 water-resistant design
  • Cord retaining clip to prevent unplugging
  • ¼"-20 mount compatible
  • Up to 60% larger solar panel than standard solar solutions for faster replenishment with improved shade tolerance
  • 15,000mAh built-in rechargeable battery capacity to get you through the cloudy, overcast days
  • 9.69"H x 11.13"W x 2.875"D
  • 2 lbs. 4 oz.

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