ATV Spreader – Manual Feed Gate

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  • Durable, tapered plastic hopper with a 100 lb. capacity
  • Heavy-duty 12-volt motor, easy on/off lid, abrasion-resistant deflection shield—now 60% larger!
  • Adjustable shut-off gate regulates amount of seed or fertilizer dispensed
  • Built-in quick-release system for easy detachment 
  • Universal mounting bracket compatible with most ATVs
  • Ratchet strap included


Plant your property to attract deer and other wildlife. Moultrie’s multipurpose ATV Food Plot Spreader features a manual gate and a 100-pound capacity.

Seed and fertilize food plots with ease with the help of Moultrie’s larger manual-gate ATV Spreader. A tapered plastic hopper offers rust-proof operation and the complete emptying of loads up to 100 pounds for maximum efficiency. Distribute different seed types and regulate amounts dispensed using a shut-off gate with an adjustable-size opening. When your work is done, a built-in quick-release system enables fast and easy detachment.


  • Tapered hopper
  • 100 lb. capacity
  • 12V motor
  • Quick-release system
  • Heavy-duty deflection shield


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