Wingscapes Bird Feeder Pole & Tree Hook

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  • CUSTOMIZEABLE LENGTH: With six adjustable segments, you can effortlessly twist the poles together to create the ideal length to hang your birdfeeder
  • HANG AWAY FROM SQUIRRELS: The purpose of this pole is to suspend your birdfeeder from a tree branch, deterring curious critters and ensuring your feathered friends have an undisturbed feeding spot
  • EFFORTLESS REFILLS: With the customizable length and easy-to-reach design, refilling your bird feeder becomes a hassle-free task
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Twist the segments together, hook one end to your feeder and the other to a tree branch- you’re good to go!
  • DIMENSIONS: Minimum height- 12 inches, Maximum height- 6 feet, Comes with 6 adjustable poles all 12 inches in length. Holds 100lbs or less.


Presenting the Wingscapes Bird Feeder Pole and Tree Hook – a smart and customizable solution for hanging your bird feeders. This practical set comprises of three segments that easily twist together, allowing you to create the ideal pole length tailored to your preferences. With this versatile pole, you can elevate your feeder higher into the trees, ensuring a stunning view of your feathered friends while keeping the convenience of easy refills. A perk of hanging the AutoFeeder with this pole is you can finally keep those pesky squirrels out of your seeds!


  • Bird Feeder Pole:
    • Minimum Height: 1 ft.
    • Maximum Height: 6 ft.
    • Comes with 6 adjustable poles, all 1 ft. in length.
  • Weight Supported:
    • 100 lbs. or less

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