Using Trail Cameras For Security

Security cameras are nothing new. In fact, many people have them built into their doorbells, today. However, home security cameras can be expensive and in remote locations without power and internet connection, they might even be impossible. That’s where trail cameras can be used as outdoor wireless security cameras. Trail cameras are not only affordable, but when paired with cellular capabilities, can be highly effective. Let’s take a look at where, how and what kind of trail cameras can be used for security.

Where To Use Trail Cameras For Security

You can use trail cameras for security anywhere. Many people use them around their homes or business to monitor the property and to help provide evidence if there is vandalism or a burglary. However, trail cameras are also a great way to monitor remote properties, such as hunt camps that might set vacant for weeks and months. Placing trail cameras at gate entrances is also a good idea if trespassing is a problem. The possibilities are endless because trail cameras are wireless security cameras that run on AA batteries and don’t require additional electrical hookups for use. If using a Moultrie Mobile Cellular Trail Camera then you will receive your images on your smartphone or computer and can more quickly notify the authorities.

How To Place Trail Cameras For Security

Because you’ll be using your trail cameras for security, you’ll want to be sure they are well hidden. The last thing you want is a thief or trespasser seeing the camera and tampering with it. Often times, this means getting the camera up higher and out of the line of site. Placing a camera 10 or more feet up in a tree and pointing the camera lens down toward the focus of your security works the best. Other good hiding places include the inside corner of a carport ceiling or porch, or the edge of a rooftop. Cameras can also be placed inside thick hedgerows, with enough foliage cut out to not impeded the motion sensor or the lens’ line if site. Each Moultrie camera comes standard with a strap to secure the camera to a tree or pole but pointing the camera at a downward angle isn’t always easy with this setup. There are other camera-mounting options, such as screw-in mounts and multi-purpose mounting brackets that give the user flexibility in adjusting the camera angle better.

What Type Of Trail Cameras For Security

Not all trail cameras will work for wireless security cameras. Cameras that have a white flash are no good as it will alert the perpetrator to its location. Low-glow cameras that use infrared flash aren’t ideal either because its dull red flash is still visible. Any Moultrie camera that has a “i” after the model number is an ideal candidate. The “i” stands for iNVISIBLE flash. The camera has a flash, but it is invisible to the human eye.

The most-ideal camera for series security, is a Moultrie Mobile camera. Moultrie has two options: the X-Series Cellular Camera or the Cellular Field Modems. The MV2 and MA2 Cellular Field Modems connect with any Moultrie Mobile trail camera to turn it into a cellular camera that will allow you to view the photos on your smartphone or computer. The X-Series is an all-in-one camera that will also send photos to your smartphone. You can choose between Verizon and AT&T 4G networks and it has no bearing on who your current cell phone provider is.

Inside the Moultrie Mobile app is a feature that uses image recognition to “Smart Tag” photos with people and vehicles in them. Even better, the system will send the user an alert on their phone whenever a person or vehicle is “Smart Tagged” in an image. This allows the user to take action in case law enforcement needs to be alerted to something wrong.

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable and effective security camera, then look no farther than Moultrie and Moultrie Mobile trail cameras for security.