Panoramic 150


Q: What type of flash does it have?

A: The Moultrie Panoramic 150 uses Low Glow Infrared flash.  This type of flash allows the Panoramic 150 to capture black and white photo and video at night with minimal visible light.  Low Glow infrared flash is ideal for night time use because it provides sufficent illumination to produce clear images, while being discrete enough to go totally unnoticed by game.


Q: What do I do if I forgot my camera security password?

A:  If you forget your code, for your security, you’ll need to contact Moultrie customer support to reset the password (charges may apply). For this reason choose a code you can easily remember, or otherwise be sure to keep your code in a safe, secure location, away from your camera. Also, use caution when navigating through the Security Code option at setup as not to set a code by mistake.


Q: How do I reset my P-150 to factory settings?

To restore all the settings back to the factory default, press the UP/DOWN buttons to highlight the YES setting. Press the ENTER button to restore the default settings and return to the Camera Setup Menu


Q: Is there an external port for a 6 or 12-volt battery?

A: Yes, the Panoramic 150 has an external 12-volt battery port


Q: What type of batteries does it use?

A: The Panoramic 150 takes 6 C-Cell batteries.  Moultrie recommends the use of new Duracell or Energizer batteries for the A-5. Lithiums work well, but do not use rechargeable batteries. If your camera has s shorter battery life than expected it may be due to ENVIORNMENTAL FACTORS


Q: Does it come with an SD card or internal memory?

A: No, the Panoramic 150 does not.


Q: How long do batteries normally last before running out?

A: The Panoramic 150 will capture 9,000+ images before requiring new batteries


Q: Is the case safe to use in wet/rainy enviornments?

A: Yes, all of Moultrie's cameras are designed to be used outside and are designed to be weather resistant.


Q: How do you download the images from the camera?

A: Using a USB SD card reader or picture viewer, you can download images to view or save on any number of devices with a USB port.


Q: Can you attach it to a tree using a cable?

A: Yes, the Panoramic 150 case is compatible with several models of cable locks, like the Python Lock.  Moultrie also reccomends the use of a Moultrie Security box to help ensure the camera's security. 


Q: How does the camera activate to capture a photo?

A: Depending on the settings you as the user configure, the camera can capture images at a timed interval or it can capture images when the motion sensor detects motion within the camera's field of view.  Moultrie cameras operate using a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which detects what it interprets as motion and heat within the detection range of the camera lens.  When this motion and/or heat variance is detected, the sensor is triggered an image is taken.


Q: I want to use the Panoramic 150 for surveillance, what exactly is meant by Low Glow?

A: Low glow refers to the "flash" or, more accurately, lack of a flash. At night the unit, when taking a photo, emits a very subtle red glow. You have to be staring directly at it in order to see it, but it is visible to the naked eye.  For complete stealth, NO GLOW cameras are reccomended.




Moultrie Firmware updates help to ensure that you get the most out of your game camera and game camera digital accessories.  Firmware updates keep your camera working as intended.


Moultrie Plot Stalker time-lapse photography allows you to see a full day of activity condensed to a 10-minute video clip. Please click on the link below to download the Plot Stalker software for your Moultrie Game Camera 





Make sure your camera has new batteries installed before you begin the firmware upgrade.  A loss of power or turning the camera off during the upgrade process will render the camera unusable, and the camera will need to be sent to Moultrie for repairs.




Double click the downloaded file to open the zipped folder.


Copy and paste the "pancam_d.elf" from your computer to the attached empty SD card.


Eject and remove SD card from SD card reader.


Insert SD card in the camera’s SD card slot. And position the camera’s power switch in the AIM position.


The display will show "Upgrade Software".  Highlight the "YES" option and press the ENTER button.  


At this time the firmware update will start automatically and take about 1 minute. Do not turn the camera's power off or remove the battery pack while the 
upgrade is in process. The camera will shut down when the update is complete. This is normal. Restart the camera and the update will be applied.


Still having trouble? Contact the Moultrie Customer Service team.

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