Instructions For Changing Display Screen

Instructions for Changing Display Screen I-40, I-50, I-60, M-40, and M-60


(1) Open the outer accessory door and remove the remote cover insert and the remote. 

(2) You will need a magnetized Phillip head screw driver, be sure to keep all screws separated, there are four different sizes.

(3)Remove the five screws holding the face cover on.

(4) Remove the face cover by lifting the right side of the cover by inserting a flat head screw driver under the edge of the cover and gently lift up then push the cover in an upward motion towards the top of the unit and it should come off.

(5) Turn the cover over there will be two circuit boards exposed.

(6) Remove the three screws on the outer edge of the board and one that is just inset ½ inch on board for a total of 4 screws removed. 

(7) Now lift the board up to disconnect from 3 areas it is plugged into, be careful not to bend the pins you are removing it from.  Pull straight up from both ends at the same time.  Set this board aside.

(8) Remove the 5 outer edge screws from the green board.  Now lift the board up to disconnect from the display.  [Careful to lay to side] do not worry about the long white wire that seems to be out of place it is the antenna wire, and it can just be replaced inside once the board is replaced.

(9) Remove the 4 screws that hold the display in place.

(10) Remove the protective film from the new display before installing.  Lay the display board face down with pins exposed upward.  Replace the 4 screws to hold in place.  While replacing circuit boards, be sure all parts line up before tightening.  When connecting the board to the display the status light will need to drop down into the slot for it to sit in and the on/off switch will have to be in place with the slot it sits in order for it to work.  Once all parts are lined up and in place, push board down and replace the 5 screws.

(11) Plug the second board back into place being careful to not bend any pins.  Replace the 4 screws to board. 

(12) Replace the remote plug in and look to make sure the TV, USB, and SD card slots are all lined up correctly. Push the face plate back into place and replace the 5 screws.  YOU ARE FINISHED.

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