TRACE Perimeter

TRACE Perimeter User Manual

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Q: What type of flash does it have?

A:Equipped with Moultrie’s advanced 100-foot LOW-GLOW infrared flash technology, the TRACE Perimeter is nearly invisible, detecting movement within 50 feet, day or night, and still providing the high-quality imagery.

The TRACE Perimeter comes with 3 infrared motion sensors that cover a super-wide 150 degree detection area. When movement is detected, the Silent-Slide lens rotates silently to take photos or videos. With 1-sec trigger speed and 8,000 images on 4 c-cell batteries, the Perimeter has plenty of juice to capture photos or video of any intruder. Pictures come in two forms: 16:9 widescreen or 48:9 panoramic.


Q: External port for a 6-vt. or 12-vt. battery?

A: 12-vt. 


Q: What type of batteries does it take?

A: 4 C-Cell Batteries.  Moultrie recommends the use of new Duracell or Energizer batteries for the 880c. Lithium batteries work well, but do not use rechargeable batteries. If your camera has s shorter battery life than expected it may be due to ENVIORNMENTAL FACTORS


Q: Does it come with an SD card or internal memory?

A: No, Neither an SD Card nor internal memory are included.


Q: How long do batteries generally last?

A: 9,000+ Images


Q: Is it safe to use in wet/rainy enviornments?

A: Yes, all of Moultrie's cameras are designed to stand up to the elements and continue capturing high-quality images.


Q: I live in a very hot/cold climate, is this camera safe to use here?

A: Yes, all of Moultrie's cameras are designed to stand up to the elements and continue capturing high-quality images.  


Q: How do I download the images from my camera?

A:  Using a USB SD card reader or picture viewer, you can download images to view or save on any number of devices with a USB port.


Q: Are there any lock boxes or cables that are compatible with this camera? 

A: Yes, there are several Moultrie Security boxes and locking cables to choose from


Q: Which SD cards work best with this camera?

A: For your convenience, Moultrie offers several SD cards and card reading accessories.  


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