M-990i Camera


M-990i Camera Firmware Update

NOTE: Make sure your camera has new batteries installed before you begin the firmware upgrade.  A loss of power or turning the camera off during the upgrade process will render the camera unusable, and the camera will need to be sent to Moultrie for repairs.

This firmware update is designed to correct video capture to utilize the full field of view of the sensor when in HD video mode. It also resolves the “clicking” issue from the IR filter moving after every capture at night. The filter will now correctly move twice per day: at day-to-night / night-to-day transitions.


CLICK HERE to download the M-990i firmware update.

The firmware has been compressed in a .zip file. Many computers have an unzip utility pre-installed to open these files. You should be able to double click on the .zip file to open it.


Copy the software upgrade to an empty SD card.

The software file name will be m102013b.elf


Place the SD card in the camera’s SD card slot. And position the camera’s power switch

in the AIM position.


The display will show "Upgrade Software".  Highlight the "YES" option and press the ENTER button.

The firmware update will start automatically and take about 1 minute.

Do not turn the camera's power off or remove the battery pack while the 
upgrade is in process.


The camera will shut down when the update is complete. This is normal. Restart the camera and the update will be applied.

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