A-5 Camera

A-5 FAQs

Q: What type of flash does it have?

A: The Moultrie A-5 uses Low Glow Infrared flash.  This type of flash allows the A-5 to capture black and white photo and video at night.  Low Glow infrared flash is ideal for night time use because it provides sufficent illumination to produce clear images, while being discrete enough to go totally unnoticed by game.


Q: Is there an external port for a 6 or 12-volt battery?

A: Yes, the A-5 has an external 12-volt battery port


Q: What type of batteries does it use?

A: The A-5 takes 4 C-Cell batteries.  Moultrie recommends the use of new Duracell or Energizer batteries for the A-5. Lithiums work well, but do not use rechargeable batteries. If your camera has s shorter battery life than expected it may be due to enviornmental factors


Q: Does it come with an SD card or internal memory?

A: No, the A-5 does not.


Q: How long do batteries normally last before running out?

A: The A-5 will capture 8,000+ images before requiring new batteries


Q: Is the case safe to use in wet/rainy enviornments?

A: Yes, all of Moultrie's cameras are designed to be used outside and are designed to be weather resistant.


Q: How do you download the images from the camera?

A: Using a USB SD card reader or picture viewer, you can download images to view or save on any number of devices with a USB port.


Q: Can you attach it to a tree using a cable?

A: Yes, the A-5 case is compatible with several models of cable locks, like the Python Lock.  Moultrie also reccomends the use of a Moultrie Security box to help ensure the camera's security. 


Q: How does the camera activate to capture a photo?

A: The camera captures images when the motion sensor detects motion within the camera's field of view.


Q: I want to use the A-5 for surveillance, what exactly is meant by Low Glow?

A: Low glow refers to the "flash" or, more accurately, lack of a flash. At night the unit, when taking a photo, emits a very subtle red glow. You have to be staring directly at it to see it.  

A-5 Manuals

A-5 Firmware Update

IMPORTANT: This firmware update afftects cameras whose serial numbers fall into the range listed below. If you have any question, please contact customer service immediately at 1-800-653-3334 (option 1);

125891306000001 - 125891306005000
126171307000001 - 126171207004880

NOTE: Make sure your camera has new batteries installed before you begin the firmware upgrade.  A loss of power or turning the camera off during the upgrade process will render the camera unusable, and the camera will need to be sent to Moultrie for repairs.

This firmware update is designed to resolve compatibility issue with the Moultrie 2.8" Picture Viewer and adds erase all/format card function to the 'Clear Image Count' operation.


CLICK HERE to download the A-5 Camera firmware update.

The firmware has been compressed in a .zip file.  Many computers have an unzip utility pre-installed to open these files. You should be able to double click on the .zip file to open it.


Copy the firmware upgrade to an empty SD card.

The software file name will be FW-A5.bin


Slide the switch to "OFF", press and hold the Down button. Then slide the MODE option to IR AIM to turn on the camera. After "lr" appears on the display, wait a few seconds then release the down button. Next, press the Left button and the current firmware version will be shown. When the BIN file is recognized, the firmware update will start.

Do not turn the camera's power off or remove the battery pack while the 
upgrade is in progress.


After installation, "DONE" will shown and the display will turn off. Wait a few seconds and "lr" will appear. Slide the switch to "OFF". The firmware has been upgraded.


Check the firmware version to make sure the firmware is upgraded:

A. Remove the SD card from the camera and slide the switch to "OFF"

B. Press and hold the down button, then slide the MODE option to IR AIM to turn on the camera

C. After "lr" appears on the display, wait a few seconds then release the down button.

D. Next, press the Left button, the current firmware version will be shown. It should read "db05".

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