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Econo Plus Feeder and Feeder Kit

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How to test the Photocell Make sure all four switches are in the UP position. Connect the battery and the feeder should spin. Cover the photocell eye and the feeder should stop spinning. Uncover the photocell eye and the feeder should spin again. ...Read More

Feeder Kit Instructions

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Econo Plus Kit (PDF) Pro Econo Kit User Instructions (PDF) Phantom Quiet Kit User Instructions (PDF) Easy Timer Kit Instructions (PDF) Econo Feeder Kit User Instructions (PDF) Hunter Feeder Kit (PDF) Pro Hunter Kit Instructions (PDF) Pro Hunter Kit / Metal Instructions (PDF) Pro Magnum Kit Instructions (PDF) Universal Replacement Timer Instructions (PDF) Pro-Line Add...Read More

EZ Fill Feeder

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Timer works but the motor is not spinning Make sure you are using a good 6-volt battery such as Energizer, Duracell, or Moultrie. If the battery is a rechargeable, make sure the battery is fully charged and working properly. Cold weather will impact your batteries and can cause them to lose power or freeze.  Please see additional information on Freezing Temperatures and Batteries.  Make...Read More

FAQ: Basic Feeder Issues

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(Q) What kind of feed should I use in my feeder? (A) Whole kernel corn is recommended. Whole kernel corn mixed with soybeans or pellets is also effective for attracting deer.  Most feed types that are .25 inch and smaller can be feed thru the feeder.  NOTE: 1) When not mixed with corn, some pellet type feeds can take on moisture and clog the feeder.  2) Using salt based feeds or...Read More

Feeder & Feeder Accessory Manuals

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Are you looking for a Moultrie Feeder or Feeder Accessory user manual that's not shown here? - Let us know.  Our U.S. based customer service center is available M-F 8-5PM [CST] to help assist with any questions you may have. - # -  15-Gallon Tripod Feeder/Cast Timer Instructions 30 Gallon Easy-Fill Feeder Instruction Manual 30-Gallon Econo Plus Hanging Feeder Instruction Manual 30...Read More

Feeding Regulations

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Moultrie Feeders is not responsible for any inaccurate information you receive on our website regarding state feeding regulations. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date and reliable but many state laws change and amend without our knowledge. Always double check your state and specific county feeding laws on the provided state website address. Many states claim that feeding is legal, this...Read More

Manuals and Downloads

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For Products Less than 2 years old Most Product downloadable content and manuals can be found by clicking on the "Manuals + Downloads" tab on the product detail page as shown below.  In some instances, there may be products that do not have downloadable or manual content associated. To Download: Downloading manuals and other content is as easy as using your cursor to click the intended media...Read More

Warranty Policy

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Founded by renowned game manager and hunter Dan Moultrie back in 1980, the Moultrie brand has grown to become the leader in game cameras, feeders, and game management technology. Synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation, Moultrie prides itself on always building products the right way and with the experienced hunter in mind. It's not simply features or the...Read More

Order Status

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For customers with a Moultrie account: 1. Log In 2. Enter your account email address and password, click "Login" 3. In the right hand column, click "My Orders" For customers who do not have a Moultrie account: At Moultrie, we take our customer's security very seriously.  In order to ensure that your information is totally secure, we ask that you contact our U.S. based customer service team...Read More

Pro Magnum Feeder Kit

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Warranty Info The Pro Magnum is the only feeder that comes with a 2-year warranty, the warranty applies to the Pro Magnum kit only. If the unit is defective please send it to Moultrie Feeders along with a check for $25.00 (shipping and handling fee) and we will replace it with a new unit. ...Read More

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