Camera Batteries

Reccomended Battery Type

Moultrie recommends the use of new Energizer batteries for all Moultrie game cameras. Lithiums batteries work well, however for optimal perforamce we advise against the use of rechargeable batteries.

Cold Temperatures 

Battery performance is adversely affected by cold temperatures because temperature affects how a battery's charge is held and delivered. Batteries function by producing an electric current that is generated when a connection is made between the positive and negative terminals. When the terminals are connected it causes a chemical reaction that generates electrons which supply the battery's current. Cold or freezing temperatures will drastically slow this chemical reaction and will decrease the current that is produced. In this condition, batteries will quickly reach a point where they are unable to deliver enough current to keep up with demand once the battery warms up, it will operate normally again.

Post-Season Battery Care 

After you've finished using your camera or feeder kit for any duration, it's reccomended that batteries be removed from the unit to avoid potential complications caused by battery oxidation or leakage.

Battery Testing

To ensure your batteries are performing properly, we advise the use of battery testers, or a digital multi-meter.  Some of the most common problems with a game camera can be cased by poor quality batteries.

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