Understanding Camera Flash Types

White Flash

White flash cameras create an incandescent flash when capturing nighttime images or videos.  The "White Flash" that this type of camera emits is just like what your hand-held digital camera would do at home.  White Flash cameras take high-quality, full-color, nighttime photos.  If you're most concerned with getting clear, full-color, nighttime images, a White Flash camera best suits your needs.

Low Glow

Low Glow cameras do not create a "white flash".  Instead the infrared LEDs glow a faint red when taking a picture during low-light periods, and emit no flash during full-light periods.  The red glow emitted by Low Glow cameras is very faint and would go totally unnoticed by intruders, thieves and game alike, but if an animal or an intruder is looking directly at the camera when the camera is capturing their image they will see it.




NO-GLOW cameras create absolutely zero visible light when capturing images or video, day or night.  This is most important if you are after trespassers, thieves and skittish animals.  If you're looking for the most stealthy option available, this flash type is for you. 

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