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Manuals and Downloads

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For Products Less than 2 years old Most Product downloadable content and manuals can be found by clicking on the "Manuals + Downloads" tab on the product detail page as shown below.  In some instances, there may be products that do not have downloadable or manual content associated. To Download: Downloading manuals and other content is as easy as using your cursor to click the intended media...Read More

Camera takes continuous images of no subject

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Q: Camera takes numerous images with no subject in frame A: Our cameras have what is known as a “false trigger” when the passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects what it interprets as motion and heat within the detection range of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image. These “False Triggers” are the result of placing the camera in an environment where there is motion...Read More

Warranty Policy

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Founded by renowned game manager and hunter Dan Moultrie back in 1980, the Moultrie brand has grown to become the leader in game cameras, feeders, and game management technology. Synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation, Moultrie prides itself on always building products the right way and with the experienced hunter in mind. It's not simply features or the...Read More

Camera Sensor

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How does the camera activate to capture a photo? A: Depending on the settings configured by the user, the camera can capture images at a timed interval (time-lapse) or it can capture images when the motion sensor detects motion within the camera's field of view.  Most cameras can also be set in “hybrid” mode, which uses time-lapse during daylight hours and motion-detect at night. Is...Read More

SD Cards

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Can I use a Digital Camera to view my Images? No, due to formatting differences between Moultrie cameras and most digital cameras this may cause the SD card lock.  Once the SD card is locked up, the pictures on that card can not be retrieved.  At that time you will need to reformat the card (for instructions on formatting, see below), which will erase all images currently saved to the card. The...Read More

Locked SD Card

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SD Lock Troubleshooting Tips: Make sure that the card is not physically locked. Many SD cards have a small toggle switch or lock on the side. While some SD cards will say which position is locked other do not, so it's important to first make sure this simple fix is not the culprit. With the camera OFF and SD card removed, look on the side of the card to see if it is in the locked position. If it...Read More

Firmware Updates

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FIRMWARE UPDATES Moultrie Firmware updates help to ensure that you get the most out of your game camera and game camera digital accessories.  Firmware updates keep your camera working as intended. DID YOU MEAN TO SEARCH FOR PLOT STALKER SOFTWARE? Moultrie Plot Stalker time-lapse photography allows you to see a full day of activity condensed to a 10-minute video clip. Please click on the...Read More

Order Status

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For customers with a Moultrie account: 1. Log In 2. Enter your account email address and password, click "Login" 3. In the right hand column, click "My Orders" For customers who do not have a Moultrie account: At Moultrie, we take our customer's security very seriously.  In order to ensure that your information is totally secure, we ask that you contact our U.S. based customer service team...Read More

Understanding Camera Flash Types

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White Flash White flash cameras create an incandescent flash when capturing nighttime images or videos.  The "White Flash" that this type of camera emits is just like what your hand-held digital camera would do at home.  White Flash cameras take high-quality, full-color, nighttime photos.  If you're most concerned with getting clear, full-color, nighttime images, a White Flash camera...Read More

Camera Batteries

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Reccomended Battery Type Moultrie recommends the use of new Energizer batteries for all Moultrie game cameras. Lithiums batteries work well, however for optimal perforamce we advise against the use of rechargeable batteries. Cold Temperatures  Battery performance is adversely affected by cold temperatures because temperature affects how a battery's charge is held and delivered. Batteries function...Read More

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