Moultrie Mobile Modem or X-Series Cellular Trail Camera?

Using a cellular trail camera is all the rage now, and for good reason. Using trail cameras that send pictures to your phone is a huge technological advantage. Moultrie Mobile has one of the most advanced systems available and they offer two options of cellular trail camera. One is the Moultrie Mobile Cellular Field Modem, which transforms your standard Moultrie trail camera into a cellular trail camera. The other option is the Moultrie Mobile X-Series cellular trail camera that has cellular capabilities built into the camera itself. So with two options to choose from, which one should you go with? It depends on your needs. Let’s take a look at each so you can decide.

Cellular Field Modem

Moultrie Mobile Cellular Field Modems come in two varieties: MV2 and MA2. The MV2 runs on the Verizon 4G network and the MA2 on AT&T’s 4G network. The Field Modems attach to a traditional Moultrie trail camera via a weather-proof USB cord. This allows the trail camera to communicate with the cellular modem. The trail camera will take a picture when an animal triggers the motion sensor. The camera then communicates with the modem that a picture was taken and the modem send the image over the cellular network to a cloud-based server. At that time, the image is available to see via the Moultrie Mobile app or website.

The Cellular Field Modem is ideal for a hunter who already has a Moultrie Mobile compatible trail camera. You simply purchase the modem with the cellular carrier that gets the best cell service in your hunting location and connect it to your existing Moultrie Mobile compatible trail camera. Another reason that some users prefer the modem over the all-in-one cellular camera, is that if something goes wrong with their camera, they can simply replace it without needing to replace the modem.

Cellular Trail Camera

The X-Series is Moultrie Mobile’s all-in-one cellular trail camera. The XA-7000i runs on the AT&T 4G network and the XV-7000i operates on Verizon’s 4G network. Both X-Series cameras incorporate features only found in Moultrie’s top-of-the-line trail camera, the M-8000i: 20 MP images, 0.3 second trigger speed, iNVISIBLE flash, 80-foot detection and flash range, and the Illumi-Night2 Sensor for crisp, clear night time images.

The advantages of the X-Series cellular trail camera are an all-in-one unit that takes high-quality trail camera photos and transmits them to the Moultrie Mobile server. A lot of hunters like the convenience of only needing one device, too.

Regardless if you choose the X-Series Camera or Cellular Field Modem, the clear advantage is the Moultrie Mobile system. Did you know you can demo the Moultrie Mobile app for free? And right now, Moultrie Mobile is offering some big savings on its cellular trail camera and cellular modem.