Moultrie Mobile App Features: Image Retention

One of the best aspects of the Moultrie Mobile system, is its image-retention capabilities. Moultrie Mobile does all the work for you, too. As your Moultrie Mobile camera takes and uploads images to the cloud-based server, the system automatically sorts, places and stores the images permanently for your viewing pleasure.

We Don’t Delete Your Photos

Unlike other cellular trail cameras on the market, Moultrie Mobile does not delete your images after a month or two. And we definitely don’t charge extra in order for you to keep those images. Even if you cancel your monthly subscription, you still have full access to your trail camera photos! The more images that upload to your Moultrie Mobile account, the more data you’ll have to help pinpoint that big buck. And with Moultrie Mobile’s unrivalled filters, you can easily scan through your collection of photos to find the one you need, when you need it.

Want to see how images are stored on the Moultrie Mobile app? Want to search images with the filters? You can do it all for free by test driving the app or website. Check it out!