Moultrie Mobile App Features: Filters

Moultrie Mobile is loaded with features to take your scouting to the next level. One of those features is an image filter. Moultrie Mobile filters allow you to quickly and easily scan through the photos you want.

Smart Tag Filter

Moultrie Mobile uses image recognition to “Smart Tag” your images automatically. Without you doing a thing, image recognition scans every photo uploaded to the Moultrie Mobile server and looks for: Deer, Buck, Doe, Turkey, Vehicle and Person. Using the filter icon on your app, you can quickly scan images for any of the selected criteria.

Other Filters

With Moultrie Mobile you can take your scouting to a level once impossible to do. You can filter through images based on temperature and barometric pressure ranges, use date ranges, moon phases, and many other features. All of these features are designed to make your once static pile of photos, a powerful scouting tool to help unlock that big buck's patterns.

Don’t have Moultrie Mobile, but you want to try the filters out for yourself? Then demo the app for free and utilize the camera filters just as you would if subscribing to Moultrie Mobile’s monthly photo package.