Deer Feeders

Deer feeders are important components of big game management. Available in a variety of sizes and setups, deer feeders serve many purposes and offer a variety of benefits for hunters, wildlife photographers and more.

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Moultrie Deer Feeders

Scrambling for resources to give you an edge? Moultrie's wide selection of deer feeders will help you attract deer to a location of your choice. Browse our inventory today to find a deer feeder to meet your needs.

Types of Feeders

Deer feeders have a wide range of uses, even beyond hunting. For example, a deer feeder can enable wildlife photographers to take up-close shots that may be difficult to achieve naturally.

At Moultrie, we offer four feeder models:

  • Hanging: Hang these feeders from trees and set them to dispense food at certain times.
  • Directional: Moultrie directional deer feeders are automatic and shoot food in a 30 degree-wide area for precise feeding.
  • Gravity: Gravity feeders let food trickle down for deer to access.
  • Tripod: A tripod feeder stands upright with three legs. Food disperses through an automatic spin-cast motor or flow-gravity system.

Use of game feeders are regulated differently depending on your state. Make sure to check local regulations before purchasing or using a deer feeder.

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Whether you need a simple deer feeder or something more advanced, Moultrie has what you need. Shop our products today to learn more!