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NO-GLOW Trail Cameras

No-glow trail cameras offer optimal photo quality in extremely low-light settings. Moultrie's no-glow game cameras offer hunters and wildlife photographers a way to capture images at night without scaring off any animals, thanks to its invisible flash. No-glow infrared cameras are unique from other camera types, such as white flash and low-glow, in that they don't emit a flash when the camera is snapping a picture. This quality makes them ideal for both nighttime nature shots and home security purposes.

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Moultrie's Line of No-Glow Trail Cameras

Moultrie offers high-quality no-glow game cameras that will dramatically enhance your ability to capture wildlife images any time of day or night. Our no-glow cameras' infrared technology will enable the camera to snap images without disturbing even the wariests animals. Our line of no-glow cameras includes:

  • A700i Game Camera: This infrared game camera is ideal for capturing premium-quality images of big game at night. Motion sensors can detect animals within 50 feet of this camera, which makes the A700i Game Camera an excellent option for customers looking for stealth and efficiency in a wireless trail camera.
  • M4000i Game Camera: This option offers hunters and photographers alike an economical way to invisibly capture wildlife images through advanced infrared technology. With a 80-foot night range and Moultrie's ILLUMNI-NIGHT sensor, the M4000i Game Camera provides optimal nighttime images with minimal blur.

No-glow cameras have a lowercase "i" after the model number. For example, the A900i is an invisible flash or no-glow camera.

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