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Infrared Game Cameras

Infrared game cameras enable hunters and wildlife photographers to snap pictures of animals in minimal lighting without emitting a bright flash. Such capabilities make infrared cameras ideal for monitoring game during nighttime hours without alerting wildlife to the camera's presence. Without a bright flash to scare off nearby animals, infrared cameras have become increasingly popular with game enthusiasts as their features have advanced.

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Types of Infrared Trail Cameras

At Moultrie, we offer two main types of night vision cameras — low-glow and no-glow infrared trail cameras. Each type comes with its own unique advantages, and choosing between the two will come down to your specific game camera needs.

Low-Glow Trail Cameras

Low-glow trail cameras aren't completely imperceptible, but their infrared LED flash will go unnoticed by animals unless they look directly at the camera. Moultrie's low-glow cameras emit no flash in daylight, and they offer superior flash range for the perfect nighttime shot. Low-glow trail cameras offer bright, clear nighttime images without spooking game.

No-Glow Trail Cameras

If you're looking for the ultimate stealth solution, you'll find that our no-glow trail cameras offer high-quality images while remaining completely imperceptible. These no-glow night game cameras emit zero light in nighttime environments and are ideal options for monitoring timid animals or even home surveillance. No-glow cameras have a lowercase "i" after the model number. For example, the A900i is an invisible flash or no glow camera.

Choose a Moultrie Infrared Game Camera

Moultrie offers only the best in infrared game camera products. Whether you're looking to enhance your nighttime hunting experience or expand your wildlife photography portfolio with some incredible night shots, choose Moultrie's infrared game cameras. Browse our products below.