Trail Camera Security Boxes and Locks

Trail camera security boxes are essential camera accessories for both field use and home use. Security boxes will ensure that your camera stays protected from thieves and physical damage wherever you place it. Even deep in the woods, cameras like our cellular trail cameras are still vulnerable to being stolen or damaged by bears. The last thing you want after purchasing a brand new game camera is for it to disappear overnight thanks to a human or animal thief — a common occurrence for cameras without proper security.

That's why Moultrie provides excellent trail camera security, bear boxes and lock protection that will keep your camera safe from theft and other common threats. Learn more about our security accessories below.

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Secure Your Trail Camera

When you purchase a game camera, it's important for you to outfit it with the proper security accessories. At Moultrie, we sell game camera security boxes and locking devices, so you can keep your camera safe and secure at all times.

Security Boxes

We offer security boxes such as our M-8000/M-8000i models to secure your game camera to a tree in the field or any wooden surface around your home. These boxes feature durable powder-coated steel surfaces with pre-drilled holes for securing the boxes to trees or posts. They also feature padlock holes compatible with most small padlock and lock cable types.


We also offer sturdy locking accessories like the Python Adjustable Locking Cable, which will mean only you can access your camera's security box. Secure your camera box to a tree with ease, or simply use the padlock method for a less visible security box setup.

Protect Your Trail Camera with a Bear Box From Moultrie

Bears are not only inquisitive animals, but they are strong and determined. A young bear can easily destroy an unprotected trail camera. Browse our line of game camera security boxes and locks to keep your Moultrie camera safe from harm!