Moultrie Food Plot FAQ

Q: What do I do if my Spreader doesn’t have power?


1. Make sure all plugs are connected correctly.
2. Check to see if motor is working by trying to spin the spin plate by hand. If the spin plate will not spin, the motor has corrosion and needs to be replaced. If the spin plate will spin, your motor is not the problem.
3. Check the fuse (reference to “fuse” question) in the wire harness. If the fuse is blown replace it. If the fuse is not blown or if the spreader still does not have power after replacing the fuse, send the harness in for testing if the unit is in warranty. Go to the following link for return instructions:

Q: Where is the fuse in my wire harness?

A:  The fuse is found in the 12V DC connector (looks like cigarette lighter plug) of the wire harness. If the wire harness does not have a 12V DC connector, there is no fuse.

Q: My Feed Gate is having trouble opening and closing. What can I do to fix this?

A:  Calibrate the wire harness: Hold the ON/OFF switch at the same time and then release. If this does not resolve the issue the problem could be a result in the teeth on the slide gate being broken. You will need to purchase a replacement feed gate.