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Moultrie 30-Gallon Super Pro Mag Hanging Feeder

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  • Operate with two 6-volt rechargeable batteries (not included) for twice the battery life
  • Large diameter, closely spaced 16-gauge steel varmint guards keep critters out
  • New sealed housing timer control with coiled wire for easy timer adjustments
  • Holds 200 pounds of corn
  • Quick twist on/off knob for easy access to battery compartment
  • Removable cleats to neatly wrap solar-panel cords
  • Feeder can be hung up high to keep bears and pigs out
  • Lifetime warranty


The Moultrie Super Pro Mag 30 Gallon Hanging Feeder is ideal for areas with bears, hogs and pesky raccoons. This feeder utilizes the Super Pro Mag Feeder Kit that features large diameter, closely spaced 16-gauge steel varmint guards to keep critters from reaching the spin plate. A 4-outlet spin plate helps increase the feed coverage area. A dual battery compartment will hold two 6-volt rechargeable batteries for twice the battery life. The all-new design of the Super Pro Mag features easy battery access with a simple twist on/off knob, new updated timer control with a durable sealed housing and coiled cord for quick setting adjustments, and removable cleats offer a place to wrap loose solar-panel cords. The durable 30-gallon steel barrel will hold up to 200 pounds of corn while the digital timer can be set to feed up to 6 times per day from 0-20 seconds. All this comes with a lifetime warranty, too!


  • New updated timer controls enclosed in a durable, sealed housing and attached with coiled wire so controls can be comfortably operated from your hand.
  • Schedule up to 10 daily feed times on specific days of the week

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