Moultrie 2017 S-Series Security Box [Discontinued]

Moultrie 2017 A-Series Security Box

Protect your game camera from theft and curious animals with this 16-gauge, powder-coated camouflage steel box custom-designed to fit all 2017 S-Series cameras. A lockable front and cable-ready back keep your Moultrie game camera safe and secure.

■ 16-gauge powder coated steel security box
■ Unique design allows you to easily strap back plate to tree or other permanent structure and secure with lag bolts
■ Comes with two (2) lag bolts to mount security box to the tree
■ Has cutouts on the bottom to access external power supply and USB ports
■ Comes with Quarter-20 thumb screw for mounting camera to security box
■ Padlock not included
■ Security cable not included

SKU: MCA-13188