Wingscapes AutoFeeder Bird Feeder - Classic Green

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  • SEE BIRDS ON YOUR SCHEDULE: The Autofeeder is the world's only automatic bird feeder with a built-in timer ensuring feed is released at a time of your choosing.
  • Durable design: The AutoFeeder consists of metal and heavy plastic, standing up to any weather. The heavy-duty metal baffle, squirrel-proof metal cap and reinforced hanger mean the feeder will last for years.
  • Battery-powered operation: Four AA batteries will run the feeder for over a year. You'll know how much charge is left with the handy built-in battery indicator.
  • Time-release feature: Easily program the feeder to release food at certain times, from one to four times daily. Determine how much seed to offer with 1-10 second feeding times. The birds will learn the schedule and come around when you have time to see them! Even if you're gone for a few days, you can trust the birds will still be fed.
  • Large capacity: The Wingscapes AutoFeeder can hold 1 gallon of any seed, so you won't have to fill it up often. Large nut, fruit, suet and berry blends are not recommended.
  • Deep tray: The deeper tray prevents the seed from spilling out — spend less time cleaning up wasted seed. The deep tray also gives a great space for birds to land, making it a great bird-watching feeder.
  • Drains: This feeder features drains in the bottom so the seed can stay dry and fresh.
  • Warranty: This bird feeder offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


The Wingscapes AutoFeeder is a durable, battery-powered time-release feeder that can hold 1 gallon of any seed type. The user-friendly timer makes it easy to program the feeder to release the desired amount of food at a certain time, up to four times a day. Get the birds to come around on your schedule!


This automatic bird feeder features a squirrel-proof cap, a deep tray that prevents spillage and a drain to keep the seed dry — the birds will always get to enjoy a space to land and eat. The Wingscapes Autofeeder is the perfect bird-watching feeder. Position the automatic feeder near your window to watch the birds stop in throughout the day.

The feeder can run for over a year on just four AA batteries, so your bird feeding will be easier and more convenient than ever. You can even use it as an automatic chicken feeder.

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