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Moultrie Forum

Moultrie Forum

The Moultrie Forum is now live. The forum is the perfect opportunity to join the Moultrie Team and other hunters to discuss all things Moultrie and all things hunting.

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Two Bucks Captured on Moultrie Game Camera

Late Summer Trail Camera Scouting—5 things to Look For

Moultrie Trail Cams have been making hunters more successful in the woods since 1980, but it's important to know how to interpret what your trail cam photos mean, so that you can kick off the season the right way. Here's five things to look for while checking cameras late this summer.

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Three Turkey Caught on Moultrie Game Camera

Preseason Wildlife Management

Turkey season will be here before you know it, but there are some key land management chores to do right now. In a few weeks Toms will be gobbling and strutting and you’ll be chasing turkeys through the woods and fields, but right now there are some important management chores to get done. 

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Buck on Moultrie Game Camera in Snow

Patterning Late Season Bucks with Trail Cameras

"As fast as the season moved in, it's now coming to a quick close for many deer hunters. But the late season can be a very successful time to hunt. Join Weston Schrank as he takes you along setting up several trail cameras specifically to catch late season bucks and observe their winter patterns.' 

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Game Camera on Fence Post

Using Recent Game Camera Information During the Rut

"It’s amazing how fast things can change during this time of the year. Literally overnight, you can go from no shooters or all nocturnal activity, to a jailbreak of bucks you’ve never seen before chasing does under your stand while you’re at home on the couch! Don’t fall victim to lapses in information during the rut; put to use one of simplest, yet most effective tools deer hunters have access to in the last three decades – the trail camera."

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Food Plot Spreader Attatched to ATV

Food Plot Basics

Before planting any food plots, formulate a strategy. Decide how many food plots you need to attract, hold, and feed whitetails and other wildlife on your property, then decide where to locate them. Some state's wildlife departments offer land consultations for a nominal fee. They can suggest what to plant, where to plant it, and how many wildlife plots to plant.

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Buck Grazing Next to Moultrie Deer Feeder

Where to Place Deer Feeders

You probably already know that Moultrie is the leading feeder brand because its products are reliable, durable, affordable and easy to use. However, with new technology comes new strategies: Programmable spin-cast feeders allow you to schedule up to 6 feedings a day using a digital timer, but that can leave some hunters scratching their heads over just how long feed times should be. Getting it right takes a bit of experimenting.

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