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Supplemental Feeding in Early Summer

Now is not the time to stop supplemental feeding!

Many hunters feed during the long, harsh winter months. But then as soon as things begin to warm up, the supplements are often stopped due to the belief that they aren't doing as much good. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Yes, deer will slow down their intake simply because there is more forage available with the spring green up. However, you must keep in mind that the more protein and nutrients you provide, the better the overall health of the deer. Bucks will put those extra nutrients into antler development, and does will have better lactation after giving birth.


One thing to keep in mind when feeding during this period is to blend protein with an attractant such as corn. You can also use a mineral blend that contains a sweet flavor, such as peanut butter. Anything sweet tends to keep deer at the feeder longer, resulting in greater protein intake.

If possible, keep using some type of supplement until you are legally required to stop feeding. Check your state's laws regarding feeder usage for that exact date.

Even if you have lush food plots, every little bit helps provide extra vital nutrition to your deer herd.