You don't necessarily need to replace a feeder just to add new features or capabilities. Moultrie offers feeder accessories that make it easy and affordable to give your existing Moultrie a new lease on life.

Varmint Proofing
If it weren't for their stealing ways, you'd have to give raccoons, and other varmints, due credit for their persistent. That doesn't mean you have to accept their feed thieving behavior. A Moultrie Varmint Guard features all-metal construction that's tough enough to stand up to any varmint. It easily mounts to the bottom of feeder drums or hoppers.

Upgrade Your Timer
Moultrie's Universal Digital Timer is an easy upgrade that can give your feeder added feed time capability. Compatible with 6-volt and 12-volt feeders, this timer upgrade lets you set up to six daily feed times with durations of between 1 and 20 seconds.

Go Solar
Moultrie's family of Quick-Lock feeder kits all have an external power port to accept our 6-Volt Deluxe Solar Panel and a rechargeable 6-Volt Safety Battery. For the sake of simplicity, you can opt for a Moultrie Power Panel®, which combines a solar panel with a built-in rechargeable 6-volt battery.

Light Up The Hogs
If you've got hogs on your property and on your mind, attach a Moultrie Feeder Hog Light to your Quick-Lock or Pro Magnum series feeder kit. Activated by motion, photocell or manually, the Feeder Hog Light uses high-powered green LEDs to illuminate a 30-foot diameter around the feeder.

Remote Feed Capability
No bigger than your typical car fob, the Moultrie Feeder Activator lets you run your feeder from up to 300 feet away. The Feeder Activator is an ideal companion to the Feeder Hog Light.

Add A Feeder
The All-In-One Timer Kit isn't a feeder accessory, but its low price makes it an excellent option for adding more feeders to your land. Featuring a built-in timer and metal, wind-resistant spinner plate, this compact feeder kit lets you turn any bucket into a feeder. Runs on four AA batteries and has and external power port.